Behavioral Interviewing:The Key to Getting-That-Job-Success

Behavioural Interviewing (BI) is becoming the most popular method for selecting employees in both private and public sector organizations in our ever-competitive global marketplace. BIs provide the best employee/organizational fit. They allow organizations to hire individuals who aspire to excellence. Selecting employees through behavioral interviewing can give organizations a competitive edge.

1. What exactly is behavioral interviewing?

Behavioral interviewing consists of a series of probing questions designed to discover if you have used the behaviors identified in your competency profile. It is based on the premise that if you have used a behavior (competency) in the past, you will most likely use it again in the future.

We say that: “Past behavior is the best predictor of future success.”

2. What do you mean by behavior?

A behavior is an action or reaction in a specific situation with a known outcome.

3. What does that have to do with competencies—what are competencies anyway?

Competencies are observable and measurable skills, knowledge and behaviors needed for successful job performance. Behavioral interviewing is all about competencies (see the Competencies section of this Website for a more complete definition and explanation).

4. What kinds of questions will I be expected to answer?

You will be asked to describe a situation in which you had to deal with certain issues or certain people in the past. Quite often you will be asked to explain how you dealt with a difficult situation or person in the past. For example, the interviewer might say: “Please tell me about time when you had to deal with a very difficult client.”

5. How should I answer a question like this?

To answer a behavioural interview question you need to follow a specific formula. Click the link to Interview Models to discover how that formula works.

6. How can I prepare for a behavioral interview?

Begin by checking the competencies to be evaluated. Then, read your competency profile. Look carefully at the individual behaviours listed for your level – or for the next level if you are competing for a promotion. Try to remember when you have used these behaviors in the past. Think of a situation that you have dealt with recently. Write it down. Remember what you did, how you handled it. Did you use some of the behaviors from your competency profile? Write them down. Note the competency they belong to. Focus on your role, your actions/your behaviors. Check the Interview Preparation page on this Web site from the link below for more details on how to prepare for a behavioral interview.

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